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Common conditions we frequently treat

Skin Cancer

Head and Neck Tumours

What makes PACSO different

Traditionally different parts of your care would be given by different independent providers. This leads to incoherent decision making and poor continuity in care.  

We at PACSO provide all the specialist services you need in one place so you can have true multidisciplinary care from the start. Integrated communication ensures the most appropriate approach and continuity of care.

How do I become a patient at PACSO?

The easiest is to contact us by phone on 021 939 7790 or send us an email to

What do I need to know before coming for my appointment

Download our information form here, fill it in and bring it with or email it back to us.

Ensure that all previous reports have been sent to us. This helps us to prepare before you arrive. It also helps us to know that you will see the most appropriate specialist for your problem.

Bring your  SA ID document / Passport / Driver’s License with your and your medical aid card.

Have your phone charged if you wish to record your chat with your doctor. It will help you to go back and listen though it, making sure you are fully informed before receiving treatment.

Write your questions down before you come through and make sure you had them answered by your doctor before leaving.

PACSO Active

Once a month we as a team have an opportunity for patients to join us for a bit of an adventure.

 The easiest way to join our group is to contact Melisa by phone on +27 79 037 5820 or send us an email to

Meet Your Care Team

We are dedicated to surgery of the Breast, Head- and Neck, Endocrine glands and skin and soft tissue tumours.

The impact of illness on one’s emotions has been long neglected. We offer on-site psychological support to assist our patients.

We have an accredited team who can assist in the management of lymphoedema and rehabilitation after cancer treatment. 

Our passionate and caring clinical and radiation oncology team is an important part of our team. Through individualized treatment planning, we can help to give you the best change of being a survivor. 

We offer state of the art testing for genes associated with cancer like BRCA and we advice prospective parents about the risks of genetic disorders in a future child.

Restoration of form and function is an integral part of what we do. Our Plastic and reconstructive surgeons ensure the best possible cosmetic outcomes.

You can find us here:

Panorama Centre for Surgical Oncology