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Panorama Centre For Surgical Oncology

Dr Ettienne J Myburgh

Dr Myburgh is an oncology surgeon specializing in Head- and Neck cancers, Breast Cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, melanoma and other oncological procedures. He established a surgical practice in Mediclinic Panorama in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town .
He completed his Surgical training in Cape Town at Tygerberg Hospital and the University of Stellenbosch and subsequently became a consultant surgeon in Head and Neck Oncology Surgery, Breast surgery and Endocrine surgery at Tygerberg Hospital in 2000. He developed his skills in oncology surgery, oncoplastic breast techniques and reconstructive procedures for Head and neck tumours.

Since 2003 he has been in private practice based at Mediclinic Panorama. Multidisciplinary decision making has been the cornerstone of his practice with weekly combined meeting for both Breast cancer and Head- and Neck cancers and in 2020  PACSO, the first multidisciplinary surgical oncology unit in the country was established under his guidance. 

He is a fellow of the College of Surgeons of South Africa and Chairman of the Cape Town Breast Cancer Forum, enjoys the  training of surgeons in Head, Neck and Breast oncology surgery and research in the field of surgical oncology and genetics.

Research at PACSO

Dr Myburgh collaborates with fellow reaserchers from both the private and academic sectors on several projects and has 10 prior publications to his credit.

Fields of research:

  • Genomic profiling in breast cancer using MammaPrint and Blueprint.
  • Exome sequencing in patients with a genetic risk for breast cancer.
  • Molecular profiling of thyroid nodules.

He is a frequently invited speaker at several national congresses and is a contributing author of a textbook called “The Clinical approach to well-differentiated thyroid cancers”.

Dr Marica Louw

Dr Louw is the medical assistant to Dr Myburgh.  She is a qualified medical doctor with a passion for personal patient care.

She is an essential part of the triage team at PACSO and helps with post-operative follow-up and long term survival of patients.

She also forms part of Dr Myburgh’s surgical assistant team in the operating theatre.


Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast Cancer Surgery has changed significantly over the last 80-years. Previously, mastectomy was the only option to most women. Fortunately, times have changed and options have increased.

Thyroid Surgery

The thyroid is frequently to blame for many physical symptoms.  Unfortunately many patients and doctors ignore nodules in the thyroid based on a normal thyroid blood test.  We therefore concentrate on both the functioning of the thyroid and the size and morphology of the thyroid.

Oral Cavity Cancer

Smoking, the use of alcohol and Human Papilloma Virus are the three most common causes of oral cavity cancer. Patients are managed in our Multi-disciplinary team with Dr Karen Lehmann & Dr.Eve Samson (Otorhinolaryngologists), Dr Hanlie du Toit & Dr.Lizanne Langenhoven (Radiation Oncologists), Dr Malcolm du Preez (Maxillofacial Surgeon).   These cancers do not always require extensive resection and our team is experienced in laser resection for selected tumours.  Where more radical surgery is required, we offer the full array of free flap reconstruction techniques, allowing patients to recover with good functional and cosmetic results.

Parotid and Salivary Gland Surgery

Salivary gland pathology is another major part of our focus. Inflammatory conditions of the salivary glands can be very painful. Salivary duct stones is a frequent cause of repeated swelling and if found early, it can be managed without removal of the whole gland. Unfortunately patients often have repeated episodes of infection before being referred when damage to the gland itself is irreversible

Tracheal Resection

Tracheal stenosis is best treated by a team of doctors who regularly manage this condition.

Dr Ettienne Myburgh, with interventional pulmonologists, Drs Johan Theron and Morne Vorster is one of the very few multidisciplinary teams in South Africa providing integrated management for tracheal stenosis, treating patients from all over Southern Africa.

Several factors are considered before deciding on your treatment options such as:

  • The tightness of the stenosis,
  • The location of the narrowed area.
  • What caused the stenosis

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